Sekumpul Falls Bali

Sekumpul Falls
The complex of seven waterfalls Sekumpul is located in the north of Bali, near Singaraja and Lovina resort. The waterfall is considered the highest and one of the most beautiful on the island.

Water flows fall from a height of 70-80 meters. The road to the waterfalls goes among the jungle, past the farms of the locals and rice terraces. Along the way there are several viewing platforms from which you can see all the waterfalls.
Sekumpul Waterfall

On this page you will find detailed description of Sekumpul Falls, find out what it is interesting to see, how to get there from different parts of Bali and what to see nearby.

Sekumpul Waterfall was opened relatively recently, in 2010. Of the seven waterfalls in the complex, only two are available. They are located in the middle of the picturesque jungle. It is always cool and humid near the waterfall and splashes fly around for a long distance. Even standing thirty meters from the water you can get wet to thread.

Sekumpool Falls are fed from different sources. During the rainy season, one of them is dirty brown, while the other remains clean and clear. The right branch of the waterfall is slightly above the left and branches off into several streams. They are quite full-flowing, do not dry out even in the dry season. The water in them is cool, but quite suitable for bathing. When the weather is sunny, rays and splashes form numerous rainbows, it is a very beautiful sight.

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